Removable appliance

Removable appliance

Removable Orthodontic Appliances are often utilized during the course of limited tooth movement within primary, mixed or permanent dentitions.  They may be employed in either upper or lower arches and typically incorporate finger springs or elastics as active components.
Most tooth movement achieved by means of such appliances involves tipping actions only: the crown of a tooth will move in the direction of the force that is applied with little movement of root apex or a tendency for the root apex to move in the opposite direction. Clinical applications are therefore limited to those situations in which the position of any given tooth to be moved will be improved by a tipping movement.

Also, the Removable appliance can be use to slowly and carefully wide the upper or lower jaw by exerting lateral pressure on the jaw in patients with a constricted (narrow) jaw. If done properly, bone grows in the middle and a once-constricted jaw can attain proper width to improve the bite. Expanding the jaws may also help to create space for eruption of per­manent teeth.


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