“Frankel” appliance

“Frankel” appliance

The Fränkel (Functional Regulator) appliance is a removable orthodontic appliance used in the growing individual to effect the development of muscle, bone, and dentition simultaneously. This appliance provides and promotes the interruption of abnormal function and facilitates the establishment of harmonious functional patterns. It also provides an environment in which inhibiting factors are removed and which dental harmony can be achieved.

A Frankel Appliance is most often comprised of highly polished acrylic shields and stainless steel wires. This appliance is most often prescribed for patients with more pronounced Class II jaw discrepancies (upper-jaw forward and lower-jaw backward), Class III jaw discrepancies (upper-jaw backward and lower-jaw forward) or Open Bite problems (front jaws/teeth are apart and do not meet). Each appliance is fabricated as a custom fit with buccal shields (side acrylic pieces) and other components to modify growth in all planes of space. These types of appliances work comfort­ably with a patient’s inherent growth to affect the desired changes in skeletal/dental development.


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