The Facemask appliance may be used as early as age 6 to help move the upper jaw forward in patients with an underdeveloped or deficient upper jaw that is behind its ideal position (and in relation to the lower jaw).

These individuals often present with an underbite, where the upper front teeth bite behind or against the lower front teeth.  This underbite worsens as the child progresses into late adolescence and adulthood since the lower jaw tends to outgrow the upper during the pubertal growth spurt.  The Facemask is a very specialized appliance that can move the deficient or underdeveloped upper jaw forward into a better balance with the lower jaw correcting early underbite, establishing better bite function and development, and improving child’s jaw balance and overall facial appearance for years to come. The Facemask Appliance is a one-piece unit com­prised of a stainless steel framework (central core) with adjustable forehead and chin pads as well as a “cross piece” that attaches directly to an intra-oral (in the mouth) appliance to bring the upper jaw forward and downward.

It is recommended to start Facemask treatment as early as possible, around age 7 or 8, because the ability to predictably move the upper jaw forward diminishes more and more as the child gets older.


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