Lip bumper

Lip bumper

A lip bumper is a dental appliance used in the orthodontic treatment of children. It’s basically a wire that is partially coated in plastic. The wire is hooked on to two molars at either end and lines the front side of the lower teeth.

Used as an early intervention, the lip bumper essentially stretches or widens the arch of the lower jaw to introduce added capacity for the eruption of the permanent adult teeth.

The lip bumper appliance is designed to gain space and make room for lower teeth. It allows the tongue to gently press against the lower teeth, thereby creating more space for them. At the same time, it keeps the cheeks and lower lip from exerting too much pressure on the teeth, pressure which can lead to crowding. The appliance also pushes the patient’s lower molars back to make room for permanent teeth. In some cases the bumper is used to stop a lower lip contraction habit thus allowing the lower teeth to align.

The orthodontic lip bumper is generally a precursor to dental braces, and it may cut down on the amount of time a young patient may subsequently have to wear braces.


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